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    Creápolis is a fantastic virtual city,home of Creators. No one from the physical world had been able to enter this city until two brilliant scientists, the ambitious Doctor Testa and his young assistant, teacher Ricky Flex, created the Cloudsphere, a wonderful portal to the virtual worlds. Only Ricky was able to go through the portal because he felt true excitement about was he was doing: creating!

    Rocka, instead, supervisor at the school of Creators, was expelled and trapped in Testa's lab and, despite trying to get back by all means possible, was rejected by the virtual world. Testa and Rocka want to find, together, the secret of how to go through the cloudsphere while they try to take over Creápolis. But this will be no easy feat, since Creators have something that makes them invincible: the power of believing and creating.


    How were Creators born?

    Creators were born in Aula365 Speedy to encourage Believing and Creating. They grew together with children and learned, participated and had fun with them.


    A great adventure awaited

    Co-Constructing, together with the Aula365 Community, the world of the future.That's how they created the world's largest collaborative comic, which was awarded the Guinness Record.


    They moved from 2D to 3D

    The possibilities were growing… and so were the dimensions. Creators moved from 2D to 3D, living a journey that made them discover “The Secret of the Maya Calendar.”


    Creápolis is born, the city of Creators

    Not before long, they built their own city – Creápolis, the city of Creators. A virtual 3D world that grows thanks to creations.

    A space to explore connect with Creators , imagining his own world and build.


    Creators make the leap to paper!

    More than 300,000 creations later, Creators were going to exceed the limits of the virtual world, with the first interactive newspaper.

    In its pages, we were amazed thanks to the magic of augmented reality and, with 3D glasses, we saw them spring to life.


    Also in tablets and cellphones

    They moved beyond paper and arrived in our cellphones, where they multiplied with the apps of Creápolis, Pop Content and Aula 365. Creators TV followed soon.


    They come to TV and Netflix!

    But there was one more border to cross, the final screen: TV. They propose a new form of entertainment: playing with the TV, co-constructing their show, exploring, having fun, creating, and even singing and dancing.

    Thus arrives the first IDoTainment for the whole family, which will change the way we watch TV.

    A #VirtuallyFantastic adventure is coming.

    Interview with the Creator

    "It’s a huge bet, the numbers are surprising – we produced 40 episodes in two years (in the case of Lazy Town, 80 episodes were produced in 14 years); 200 people worked on the show and we recorded 350 minutes of 3D animation.

    EThe product has one particular feature:it brings together different levels of resources: It handles Live Action, that is, physical characters, portrayed by actors Fabio Aste and Héctor Segura, who play the villains; 3D animations, where we can find the creator kids, plus some minutes in 2D for flashbacks.”

    Pablo Aristizabal